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San Andreas

One of the best and newest strawberry varieties. Extremely productive neutral-day variety that will allow you to harvest non-stop strawberries throughout the summer. Very large strawberry.

Strawberry Characteristics

strawberry fruit

San Andreas is one of the newest strawberry varieties on the market. It is a neutral day variety, which means that it is a variety, that does not care about the photoperiod (the hours of daylight) to produce fruits. This variety produces flowers and fruits depending on the thermoperiod, that is to say, the temperature.

Therefore, it is a variety suitable for all types of climates, being able to produce large and very tasty fruits, especially when they are fully ripe from the plant. Produces strawberries for more than 6 months, from spring to fall.

It is one of the varieties with the highest production on the market, being able to produce more than 1 kg per plant, even in hydroponic system it can produce 1.5 Kg per plant.

strawberry plant
strawberry plant
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