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New variety of French origin of double harvest, with a very vigorous and very productive. It has a large and sweet fruit and the plant has no thorns on the stems.

Frambuesa variedad versalles


Italian variety of double harvest, with a very vigorous bearing and very productive with large fruit, it has some thorn on the stem.

Frambuesa variedad regina


Classic double crop variety widely used throughout the world since many years. It is very productive with large and sweet fruit. It also has some thorns on the stem.

Raspberry Characteristics

Plantación de Frambuesas

Raspberries are fruits that refresh and stimulate the appetite. One cup of raspberries (125 grams) contains about 10 grams of fiber.

Despite its small size and the fact that its consumption, within Mediterranean eating habits, is limited to its use as an ornamental fruit in different dishes, it is a great fiber carrier.

This substance is attributed an outstanding protective effect of the body, due to a sequestration mechanism of potentially harmful substances. Fiber "traps" certain compounds (bile acids, cholesterol ...) that are excreted with the stool, which benefits people with hypercholesterolemia or gallstones.

It also improves intestinal transit, reducing the contact time of some of these harmful substances with intestinal tissue, which prevents or improves constipation and reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Raspberries are an excellent source of vitamin C, a nutrient with proven antioxidant action, as are flavonoids and ellagic acid. All these phytochemical compounds contribute to reducing the risk of degenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. Likewise, vitamin C has the ability to promote the absorption of iron from food, thus improving or preventing iron deficiency anemia and resistance to infections.

There are certain vital situations in which the organic needs of vitamin C are increased, such as: pregnancy, lactation, smoking, use of certain medications, stress and diminished defenses, intense sports practice, cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases. In these situations, the consumption of raspberries or other fruits rich in vitamin C is especially indicated.

Vivero plantas de frambuesa
Mercado de pequeños frutos del bosque

Due to its abundance of folic acid, an essential vitamin in the processes of cell division and multiplication that take place in the first months of gestation, its consumption is suitable or interesting for pregnant women to prevent spina bifida, an alteration in the development of the nervous system (neural tube) of the fetus.

Due to their high potassium and low sodium content, they are highly recommended for those who suffer from high blood pressure or blood vessel and heart conditions. However, its consumption should be taken into account by people who suffer from kidney failure and who require special diets controlled in this mineral. In addition, those who take diuretics that eliminate potassium and people with bulimia, due to episodes of self-induced vomiting that cause large losses of this mineral, the consumption of raspberry is convenient.

The raspberry, also known as the forest strawberry, is a beautiful fruit of the raspberry, a plant that grows wild in all countries with a temperate climate. It belongs to the Rosaceae family, which includes more than 2,000 species of herbaceous plants, shrubs, and trees that grow in temperate regions around the world.

Fruto de la frambuesa
Vivero de plantas de frambuesa
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