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Red Currant Varieties


It is a variety of red fruit, with bunches and berries of good size. It has a mild, acidic and very aromatic flavor. Vigorous and very productive plant. Early production for the month of June, even May under greenhouse.


Variety also with red fruit, very similar in everything to Junifer, but with a later harvest for the end of June and July.

Black Currant Varieties

Currant blackdown


Very productive and vigorous. It has a concentrated harvest and it is harvested during the month of July, according to areas. Like all varieties of black fruit, it has a strong flavor for fresh consumption, but exceptional for freezing and processing into juices, jellies, jams etc.

Currant Characteristics

Currants are plants that belong to the genus Ribes, where many species are included and some of them can produce wonderful and super healthy fruits, of different types and colors, depending on the species to which they belong. The most used for the use of its fruit are:

  • Ribes Rubrun: all of this species produce bright red fruits.
  • Ribes Nigrum: they produce black fruits.
  • Ribes Sativum: produces white fruits, also in clusters like all the previous ones.
  • Ribes grossularium: it is also commonly known as “gooseberry”, in this species there may be varieties of yellowish-green fruit and garnet to red in color, in plants with and without thorns. In this case the fruits are isolated and not in clusters.

Regarding the edaphoclimatic requirements, all the varieties have them very similar.

They are native to cold areas in winter and mild temperatures in summer. As for the soil, they are sensitive to waterlogging and very clay soils. For soil pH they are not as sensitive as blueberries, they tolerate well up to pH 7-7.5.

Red currant

As its name indicates, it produces wonderful clusters of red fruits, highly appreciated for fresh consumption and the processing industry, juices, jellies, jams, liqueurs, etc.

One of the best varieties of this species is "Junifer", very aromatic, with a milder taste and less acid than others.

red currant

Black currant

It produces clusters of black fruits, with a very strong smell characteristic of the species. They are difficult fruits to eat fresh due to their strong flavor, but they are exceptional for transformation into jams, smoothies, juices or liqueurs. It is one of the fruits with the highest content of vitamin C, as well as being a powerful natural anti-inflammatory for many cases, among them that of "inflammation of the prostate", being able to serve both fruits and tea leaves for this purpose. It is said to be the natural "Cortisone".

Currant blackdown

White currant

Smoother and more insipid in flavor than the previous ones, it has less culinary interest. Most used to make different compositions in packaging with other fruits of various colors.


It produces isolated fruits without clusters, yellowish-green and also red-garnet. Its fresh consumption is deeply rooted in some countries in northern and Eastern Europe, where it is highly appreciated for its power to combat hangovers, caused by alcohol consumption.

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