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Our History

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Blueberries The Cierrón is the result of more than 30 years of work and effort dedicated to the world of blueberries and berries.

We are a family business, formed by Angeles Villar (owner), Adrian Garcia Villar (agricultural engineer) and Juan Carlos Garcia, (SERIDA researcher).

For over thirty years "Blueberries el Cierrón Consulting & Nursery Berries" have been cultivating exceptional plants at our own nursery and providing first class blueberries in our farm as well as supplying comprehensive consulting services all over the world.

Our history starts back in the 1980´s with our first blueberry crop, one of the pioneering ones in Spain. Shortly afterwards we created our nursery and our consulting department, through which we have been providing berry business all over the world with comprehensive planning and technical support and also our understanding of market trends to help them reach their potential customers.

El Cierrón

At that time, the cultivation of blueberries was very different; The level of technification was vastly lower than that available today.

Our first harvest was from only 500 Kg/ha in 1991, which was far below what is obtained nowadays with new advances in irrigation, fertilizers, planting systems and a large cast of new, more productive and better varieties adapted to each area.

However, that "little" first harvest marked a before and after in the blueberry crops in the North of Spain.

Not without great difficulty, a new distribution and marketing channel began to be created that today it has a great importance, contributing during all these years that a practically unknown fruit such as the blueberry, became a fruit of great repercussion and of which everyone knows its multiple beneficial for our health.

In 1992 we created our own nursery, propagating our own plants, with which some of the first plantations in Cantabria, the Basque Country and Asturias were made.

In the same way as management of crops, the propagation of blueberry plants has changed significantly, especially focus on the quality and health of the plants. Nowadays all the plants that we produce at our nursery, they have an In vitro origin.

The nursery is registered in the "Nursery Register of the Counseling of Agriculture of the Principality of Asturias", under the name of "Vivero les Vegues" ES-03-33-0279.

In conclusion, after 30 years of successes and errors, from which we learn enormously, we are pleased to make available to our clients all our experience acquired during all this time.

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