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Variety of green color, very productive and sweet. Harvest at the end of August.


Scarlet September

Totally red-purple variety, both the skin like pulp and very productive. Harvest in September.

kiwiberry Scarlet September


variety of soft red color and very sweet. Very productive with harvest at the end of September and the month of October.

kiwiberry bingo

Male Weiki

One of the best male varieties of kiwiberry plant out there, it is used to pollinate most varieties.


self-fertile variety, very productive although like all varieties of this type produce smaller fruit.

Kiwiberry Characteristics

kiwiberry - mini kiwi

If you want to know the most complete information about the cultivation of kiwiberry and all its characteristics and benefits click here.

The fruits of these species are known around the world in various ways, the most common are, "mini kiwi", "baby kiwi" or "kiwiberry", the latter being perhaps the best known worldwide. In Spain they are also known as "kiwiños", named like this obviously due to their smaller size compared to kiwis.

Mainly two species belonging to the Actinidiaceae family are cultivated, and they are: Actinidia arguta, which encompasses most of the varieties destined for commercial cultivation, and Actinidia kolomikta, also called "arctic beauty".

Both species are very resistant to winter cold, as they come from the Arctic and East Asia. On the other hand, both the edapho-climatic requirements and the cultivation systems of kiwiberry are very similar to the rest of kiwis.

When pollinating, most of the males of the two mentioned species could work, although it is more advisable that each of them have pollinators of the same species. The female / male ratio that is usually used is 5 to 1, and in some cases it can be a maximum of 6 to 1.

kiwiberry - mini kiwi
kiwiberry - mini kiwi

Its fruits are considered berries. As already mentioned, they are smaller in size than kiwis, they do not usually exceed 25 grams per fruit, which have an oval shape, between 20 and 40 mm long and 20-25 mm in larger diameter. The skin is smooth, fine and soft, without any hairs and edible, green in color and with reddish tones in some varieties. The pulp is bright green, with a flavor similar to green kiwi, but sweeter.


Of all the "kiwis" they are the ones with the highest antioxidant content, in addition to a higher content of vitamins and minerals. They can be easily consumed like the rest of the berries, since they can be eaten with their skin and the seeds are hardly perceived.

The harvesting period lasts 3 months between August and October and the conservation period of these kiwiberries is relatively short.

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