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Loch ness

Thornless variety, easy to grow and not very demanding in floor. Good size fruit that produces in June.

Blackberry loch ness

Triple crown

variety without thorns, very vigorous and productive for the July

Blackberry Triple crown


Thornless variety, very productive and vigorous, that tolerates very well very cold winters.

Blackberry chester fruit


one of the sweetest variety, good yield and medium-sized fruit. Produces in July.

Blackberry Characteristics

Blackberry chester

The blackberry helps us prevent many problems:

  • Reduce the cholesterol
  • Helps in the fight against cancer
  • Fight colds
  • Prevents gout and promotes cardiovascular health.

This is mainly due to the large amount of nutrients that it provides, such as vitamins A, B9, C and K, and minerals, such as potassium, magnesium and calcium, and small amounts of iron and zinc.

It also provides a small amount of protein and fiber, to promote good digestion.

The main properties, which the blackberry gives us, are the following:

  • The blackberry has, fundamentally, Vulnerary properties (that heals wounds)
  • Also have antibacterial properties
  • It is astringent
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Great for a sore throat or to stop bleeding
  • Fights ulcerations of the skin and mouth
  • It is efficient for gum problems
  • It's very good against the flu
Blackberry fruit
Blackberry plant

On the other hand, it contains ellagic acid that helps us fight constipation and diarrhea.  They are also rich in insoluble fiber; It promotes digestive health by allowing the large intestine to more easily absorb excess water.

Also blackberry fruits contain pectin and soluble fiber, useful for reducing bad or LDL cholesterol. Finally, we want to emphasize that having large amounts of vitamin C is excellent for combating allergies typical of this time.

The blackberry is the fruit of the bramble, a shrub that generally grows wild in many areas of the planet. The fruit is a shiny black berry. It is formed by the union of numerous small fruits or drupes that each contains a seed. It is an aromatic fruit and somewhat acidic.

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